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What is Xenical?

Xenical is prescription-only slimming pill that contains main ingredient called Orlistat (lipase inhibitor). Xenical is able to decrease the amount fat that is absorbed by your body by up to 30%. There is non-prescription version of Xenical and it is called Alli, which is the first FDA approved diet pill.

Who is Xenical for?

Xenical is suitable only for those people who have BMI of 30+ or BMI of 27+ with some other health risk present.

Are there any Xenical side effects?

Yes, we found people have reported being unable to control anal discharges, having oily stools, inability to control bowel, fatigue, rectal discomfort etc.

Where can you buy Xenical?

Xenical is prescription-only slimming pill, therefore only your doctor can prescribe it to you. Still, we found several places online where you can buy Xenical without prescription. We strongly advise you NOT to buy Xenical without prescription.

Do we recommend Xenical?

Xenical can be effective but it can also cause some rather unpleasant side effects. Therefore it is up to you to decide if you want to risk or you want to play it safe by following our top recommendations.

What are the alternatives?

After reviewing many slimming pills on the market, we came up with what we think are the safest and most effective diet pills. On top of that, all of our recommendations can be purchased without prescription.

Discover our top recommended slimming pills here


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