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Acai Berry grows in the Amazon rain forest and is a tiny grape-like fruit. However, you likely won’t find it as a fresh product in your local supermarket. Despite the fact that this berry has been endorsed by big names such as Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Rachel Ray; the only real source to get this nutrient dense berry is through online ordering.

Part of the issue with finding Acai Berries has to do with their rapid degeneration. In just 24 hours after harvesting, the Acai Berry starts to lose potency and many nutrients become less effective. Because of this, you won’t be able to eat fresh Acai Berries unless you live near Brazil.

Thankfully, flash freezing advancements have helped to make Acai Berry easier to preserve and convert into a number of supplements, purees, juices and powders. Even in these forms, Acai Berries are still difficult to find.

This has to do with processing. Once the product reaches the shelves of a supermarket it has dramatically increased in power. If you want an affordable way to gain access to the Acai Berry you need to go online.

Do an online search and you will find many reputable sources for this nutrient rich fruit. These sources will be able to ship their juices or supplements to any location in the world. The only thing you need to take the time to research is the quality of these products before purchase.

First, make sure you know how the berries are processed. If the Acai Berry is processed in any way other than flash freezing, then you shouldn’t purchase it. If you buy these products you are investing in something that will lose many of its nutrients by the time it gets to your home.

What do we recommend?

The top recommended Acai product is Pure Acai Berry Max. This product is made from 100% pure and unaltered Acai Berry. It is the most potent product on the market that offers 1,500mg of Acai Berry per serving. However, the most impressive part of this product is the credentials and backing it has including the following:

Click here to see our Pure Acai Berry Max review


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