Where to buy Proactol in UK?

One of the most respected diet pill brands at the moment is certainly Proactol Plus.

Recently acquired by Advanced Health (creators of Capsiplex and Meratol), Proactol is for sure diet pill that will be #1 choice for many dieters in future.

Official Proactol site

How does Proactol Plus work?

Proactol is a fat binder, meaning it binds to part of your fat intake (up to 27% to be precise) and stops it from being digested and absorbed by your body. This way you can be eating high fat meals and still lose part of the weight.

What can be expected with Proactol?

In case you don’t know yet, here are the main benefits you can expect with this fat binder:

  • Weight loss of 2-3 lbs per week
  • Decreased caloric intake by 295 calories per day
  • Binds up to 27% of dietary fat intake
  • Suppresses appetite
  • May lower cholesterol levels
  • No side effects reported so far
  • Large user base and lots of testimonials

Where to buy Proactol Plus in UK?

Proactol is not sold in usual high street stores like Tesco, ASDA, Boots and such. This diet pill can only be purchased via their official website and nowhere else. Manufacturers are very strict about this; they do not allow anyone selling Proactol pills on 3rd party sites or auction sites like eBay.

If you see Proactol on eBay for less than normal price, do not buy it as you will not get the usual support and your purchase will not be covered with their money back guarantee. Starting price of Proactol is about £45 for 1-month package. You will be covered with 6 month money back guarantee.

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