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“Feels like Ephedra”, “Turbo caffeine” and some other descriptions are what manufacturer PharmaGenX uses to describe Ventilean RX. All this hype leaves nothing else than to raise your eyebrows and look at the supplement more closely.

What are Ventilean RX ingredients?

Ventilean RX poor marketing

Official website of PharmaGenX is full of hype and unbelievable claims. Take a look at their statement:

“We’ve found the secret to harnessing the unmatched fat burning characteristics of caffeine in creating Turbo Caffeine!”

It looks like they are miracle workers who find “secrets to weight loss”. When manufacturer makes such claims, we always have doubts about their product. Usually if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

How much does Ventilean RX cost?

Expect to pay $49.95 for 1-month supply.

Is there a money back guarantee?

The manufacturers offer 30-day money back guarantee and they say that you are allowed to send back only 1 unopened bottle. If you have more unopened bottles, there’s nothing you can do about it. Generally this is really small money back guarantee and you simply wouldn’t have enough time to try the product.

Where to buy Ventilean RX?

You can buy it from the official PharmaGenX site as well as shopping sites (Amazon, eBay).

Is Ventilean RX recommended?

Absolutely NOT recommended. Ventilean RX is nothing different than hundreds of other slimming pills on the market. Their ingredients are average, they don’t provide the amounts of ingredients and their marketing tactics are awful. Enough for us not to recommend you this slimming pill.

What are the alternatives?

Take a look at Phen375
– fully synthetic fat burner without any side effects and take it from there.


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