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Tenuate is a prescription slimming pill that many doctors prescribe to their patients who are unable to control their hunger. Appetite suppressants are not to be taken lightly; they usually contain synthetic chemicals that alter the brain chemistry in order to artificially make you full.

How does Tenuate work?

By its mechanism of action Tenuate is very similar to amphetamines. Tenuate decreases your appetite by interfering with functioning of your nervous system and tricking your brain that you’re full, when in fact you’re not. As a result, you will eat less than usual, which in turn leads to weight loss. This is the worst possible way to lose weight anyway.

Tenuate side effects

As you can see, there are some side effects that one could live with, but also there are some pretty serious side effects that would make it difficult to do every day things.

Is Tenuate recommended?

Due to similar chemical structure to Amphetamines, it is believed that Tenuate can cause addiction ion some patients. This is not a diet pill to be messed with. The possible side effects are serious and you should take this diet pill only if it’s prescribed to you. Otherwise, stay away from Tenuate.

What is the alternative?

If you don’t qualify for prescription weight loss pills, then take a look at the top rated non prescription slimming pills and take it from there.


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