Slim Bomb slimming pill review

Marketed as “UK’s Number 1 Weight Loss pill”, Slim Bomb is a diet pill that is targeted mostly towards the UK market. It is made by Dplan UK company. They also make all sorts of herbal slimming pills, patches etc.

What are Slim Bomb ingredients?

Unfortunately, their website is pretty vague, not disclosing the ingredient list of Slim Bomb. After our further research, we found out that the following ingredients are present inside Slim Bomb:

  • Cha de Bugre extract
  • Green Tea leaf extract
  • Caffeine

How does Slim Bomb work?

It is said that Slim Bomb works in 2 ways:

  • It increases your metabolic rate through thermogenesis and…
  • It suppresses your appetite so that you don’t eat as often

Slim Bomb side effects

Because of the stimulant content present. Slim Bomb can cause certain side effects among people who are sensitive to stimulants. For example: anxiety, irritability, nervousness, fast heart rate etc.

Slim Bomb website

As we said, there isn’t much information about the product on their official website. Usually diet pill manufacturers put as much information about their product as possible on the website, but this is not the case with Slim Bomb.

How much does Slim Bomb cost and where can you buy it?

Expect to pay nearly 38 pounds for Slim Bomb. The best deal we found was at Evolution Slimming where they offer you Slim Bomb (160 capsules) + Hoodia Patches for free. This combo costs 37.95 GBP.

What’s the best alternative?

When talking about effective fat burners that will boost your metabolism to the maximum, we want to mention Phen375, fat burner made from fully synthetic ingredients that will fully maximize your fat burning capacity.

Made in an FDA regulated lab, Phen375 diet pill is made with some of highest production standards today. It enables you to start losing weight at a rapid rate from day one. What’s more important – you won’t have any side effects and you can get this diet pill without doctor’s prescription.

Read more about Phen375 here

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