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The buzz word for dieters and those wishing to live healthier lives these days is detox. There are many detox diets being printed and promoted all over the place, but it is hard to see if any of these actually work or not. However, there is a new system of detoxing on the market which may actually show some results.

What is Sleeptox?

Sleeptox food pads are the easiest way to detox because everything is done during the sleep cycle.

The kit contains five sets of patches that are literally stuck to the bottom of each foot on five successive nights and these, as the pack says, will draw out the toxins slowly over eight hours.

Buy Sleeptox for £19.99/pack

Sleeptox benefits

According to the blurb, the color of the patch will darken as the toxins are drawn out so, by the fifth night, the patches should show less toxins being emitted. The results of being rid of all this junk is that the person should be revitalized, should have more energy and feel better all at the same time.

Sleeptox side effects

Sleeptox patches have all natural ingredients within them so there is unlikely to be any allergic reactions. They do not recommend these for pregnant or lactating women and they should not be used over open wounds either. Indeed, if the user is under medical supervision of any kind, it may be best to check this out with the doctor first.

Sleeptox summary

Sleeptox may not be the complete answer to living a healthy and more energetic life. However, since they seem to draw something out of the body, these may well be worth a try.

Anything that can improve vitality and energy is what most people are looking for anyway and, at just £20 a pack – less if multiple packs are bought, they won’t break the bank either. The only downside here is that the wearer may have to wear socks to bed for five nights! Sleeptox can be purchased at Evolution Slimming online retailer.

Visit Evolution Slimming site now


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