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In October 2010 Reductil was taken off the market by Abbot Laboratories due to high health risks to consumers. People are advised to stop taking any Sibutramine-based drug immediately!

Reductil is not a diet pill to be taken lightly. Rather, Reductil is very serious prescription weight loss drug that contains the main ingredient called Sibutramine.

Reductil ingredients

As we said, the main ingredient is called Sibutramine, ingredient that is currently listed under Schedule IV controlled substances in USA. It is very similar to amphetamines with different mechanism of action.

What are Reductil side effects?

Some of the most common Reductil side effects are: increased appetite (paradox?), nausea, dry mouth, stomach pains, insomnia, dizziness, flushing, and headaches.

Rare side effects (but still possible) with Reductil are: arrhythmias, mood swings, suicidal thoughts. These symptoms require urgent medical attention.

How long should you take Reductil for?

No more than 12 weeks. After that you must stop taking this weight loss drug.

Where can you buy Reductil?

Reductil is prescription only diet pill – only your doctor can prescribe it to you. However, we spotted several places online where you can buy Reductil without prescription. We strongly advise you NOT to buy this product online because there is a good reason why this product is prescription only.

Is Reductil recommended?

Not recommended at all! When we say this is a weight loss drug, we really mean it – it’s a drug, not a supplement. Reductil carries very high health risks with it, therefore we advise you to look for other, more effective and safer slimming pills.

What are Reductil alternatives?

Why risk your health with dangerous prescription pills when you can have totally safe and risk free weight loss? We have researched the weight loss market and came up with only a few good slimming pills that are recommended.

Check out our top recommended slimming pills here


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