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RapidCuts Femme diet pills claim that they will help people lose weight by suppressing their appetite. The product claims to be targeted towards women, but it doesn’t contain any ingredients that are specifically beneficial for women.

RapidCuts Femme ingredients

RapidCuts Femme diet pills contain an extensive list of ingredients, most of which are broken up into 3 different components.

Additional ingredients in RapidCuts Femme diet pills are: Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, and Chromium.

RapidCuts Femme side effects

The list of side effects that accompany RapidCuts Femme diet pills is extensive. Nausea is known to happen for the first 3 – 4 days as the body adjusts to the drug.

Nausea can also occur if the diet pills interfere with prescription drugs, which is known to happen. Other side effects can also be experienced should the pills interact with prescription drugs. Some of these are mild, such as headaches, but many are more severe, such as the increased chance of stroke.

Constipation, dehydration, and excessive sweating are all also known side effects of RapidCuts Femme diet pills. In addition, the caffeine from the green tea extracts can also cause jitteriness, restlessness, anxiety, nervousness, wakefulness, and insomnia.

RapidCuts Femme does it work?

RapidCuts Femme diet pills have not been found to be effective alternative to weight loss. More importantly, the list of ingredients is long and many of these ingredients can be very dangerous.


Overall since RapidCuts Femme isn’t completely safe product, we can’t recommend it to you. Consumers are advised to look for other weight loss alternative.

RapidCuts Femme alternative

When speaking about fat burners, we have to mention Phen375, fat burner that is currently having huge success on the worldwide weight loss market. Available for purchase online and without prescription, Phen375 has fully synthetic ingredients that can provide you with rapid weight loss.

Read more about Phen375


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