Quick Trim weight loss pills review

What is Quicktrim?

Quicktrim is a line of weight loss & cleanse products that are endorsed by the famous Kardashian sisters from USA.

First thought when you see these products might be that the sisters already use these products to lose weight and cleanse, but we don’t think it’s true.

We think this is more hype than reality, and certain diet pill manufacturer probably has paid a lot of money to Kardashian sisters to endorse the pills.

Anyways, among all the Quicktrim products, 2 of them are the most interesting to us, in respect to weight loss:

  1. Quicktrim Burn & Cleanse – Complete “all day and all night weight loss system”. This formula is meant to burn fat during the day and cleanse your body during the night.
  2. Quicktrim Extreme Burn – Marketed as “powerful weight loss formula with proven key ingredients”, it can help you burn calories, curb cravings and increase your energy levels. All in one pill. Contains lots of Caffeine and Green Tea, among other things.

Does Quicktrim work?

While the fact that Kardashian sister endorse these pills is nice, we don’t think these products would work at all. Especially since the products contain a lot of Caffeine in them. Also the official website fails to explain the working mechanism behind Quicktrim. We would advise you not to expect miracles happening with these pills.

Where to buy Quicktrim?

A number of retailers are supposed to be selling these pills in the USA, including GNC, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid etc. Also you can buy these pills online via the official website.


Overall, nothing to be excited about. It’s more flash and less substance really. If manufacturers took some time to explain in-depth how these products worked, we would have had rated them higher. Otherwise, look elsewhere for more respectable brand of diet pills.

Quicktrim alternatives

Proactol Plus is one of the more respectable players in the diet pills industry. This fat binder appeared on the market in 2006 and right from the beginning it shook the weight loss market. Proactol is able to bind up to 28% of your dietary fat intake and it has 6 published clinical studies.

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