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What is Proactol Plus?

Right from the beginning Proactol started to attract attention from the weight loss crowd. Proactol belongs to a group of slimming pills called fat binders.

It’s a diet pill with perfectly safe mechanism of action. When Proactol comes into contact with fats in your stomach, it has the ability to stop up to 28% of those fats from being digested by your body. Those undigested fats will then be eliminated naturally out of your body.

Buy Proactol Plus right away starting at $79.95

Proactol ingredients

Proactol’s main ingredient is called NeOpuntia, which is made from dehydrated leaves of the nutritious cactus Opuntia Ficus Indica through a patented process. Since 1996 NeOpuntia has been researched and was the subject in many clinical trials and studies. At the end it showed the perfect lipophilic capacity.

The following is true about NeOpuntia:

More Proactol testimonials

Proactol scientific approval

Unlike many diet pills on the market that don’t have any clinical studies, Proactol fat binder has no less than 6 published clinical studies that are available for anyone to see.

Apart from that, Proactol received numerous medical approvals and endorsements from doctors around the world. And this is what we liked about Proactol the most: while doctors who endorse other diet pills can be seen to endorse many other weight loss pills on the market, with Proactol it’s different. Doctors who approve Proactol can’t be found anywhere else.

Among the GPs and doctors who approve Proactol, we have to mention Dr Joerg Gruenwald, who is a well respected doctor around the world. He’s well known for being a speaker at over 150 medical conferences and has written more than 150 scientific publications on various medical topics.

Read more about Proactol Plus medical backing

Proactol in the media

Proactol side effects

As simple as it sounds – Proactol doesn’t have any side effects. So far we haven’t seen anyone report any bad experiences with Proactol. If you think about it, that makes sense because Proactol attacks the problem of obesity at its roots, rather than dealing with the after-effects (like most diet pills do). Just for sake of it, we will mention that Proactol will NOT make you artificially full, it will NOT make you irritable or jittery and it will NOT interfere with functioning of your nervous system.

Where to buy Proactol

Proactol slimming pill can be purchased only from official website. The latest discount code is PROAC8, and it gives you the possibility to get Proactol at 8% discount on packages 4 months and higher.

Is Proactol recommended?

Yes, definitely. You don’t come across diet pills like Proactol every day.

Safe mechanism of action + natural ingredients + no side effects = Top recommended diet pill

Proactol Plus official website


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