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Note: We are not Pro Action company and we are not related to them in any way. If you want to contact them, go to their website and look for contact info.

Those people who read our reviews regularly know that we very much dislike all free trial offers floating around the Internet.

ProAction Acai & ProAction Hoodia is a bit different than most of other free trials in a sense that they don’t offer anything for free. They want your money when you buy the product AND they want your money at the end of each month (if you don’t cancel the auto ship program).

Here’s what they say about their auto ship program:

“Unless you cancel, the auto delivery program will begin shipping you a fresh one-month supply of the product about 30 days after you place your trial order and every 30 days thereafter. When each month’s supply ships, we will automatically charge the monthly fee of £75.00 plus £4.95 postage and packing to the card you provided when you signed up for the trial offer.”

Well, at least they are being honest and they don’t try to hide these details in small font size etc.

What is ProAction Acai & ProAction Hoodia?

Behind the beautifully designed sales page, it is hard to recognize what actually is behind these supplements, in terms of ingredients and working mechanism. They don’t offer any detailed explanation about their products nor do they say what ingredients are present. They just say that their ProAction Acai represents a “unique combination of ingredients”. Well, sorry but we need a little more info before we actually invest money in a weight loss product, don’t you think?

ProAction Acai scam alert!

This is what we got through our contact form from one of our readers:

“Dear Sirs,

I wanted to alert you to this scam which offers a free trial at only the cost of p&P at £2.49 per order. They took £4.95 per order and you actually have to cancel within 14 days and return half the pills. This is not clear on their offer. I would make it clear to your followers that they should check the full details very carefully. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is and I am now £9 worse off. Regards

S Bell

Do we recommend ProAction Acai?

Absolutely not! No respectable diet pill manufacturers won’t reveal diet pill ingredients or working mechanism. To say that a diet pill “contains Acai” or “contains Hoodia” is just not enough. To us this looks like a big scam. We advise consumers to avoid buying ProAction Acai and ProAction Hoodia.

What are the alternatives?

Pure Acai Berry Max – By offering you a whopping 1,500 mg of Acai Berry per day, having all the required certificates and coming with 6 months money back guarantee, we highly recommend you to take a closer look into Pure Acai Berry Max. After all, they don’t have the free trial option at all.

More about Pure Acai Berry Max

Unique Hoodia – Top recommended Hoodia Gordonii diet pill. It contains 495mg of Hoodia Gordonii in powder form, it comes with all the required certificates and it doesn’t have any side effects. On top of this you will get 6 months money back guarantee as well.

More about Unique Hoodia


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