Phentermine slimming pill review

Phentermine is not a diet pill brand; it’s actually name of the substance that is included in several Phentermine-based slimming pills on the market (for example Adipex, Phenterex, Ionamine etc).

There’s a lot of interest in Phentermine among the weight loss crowd, that’s why today we want to tell you little bit more about it.

How Phentermine works?

Phentermine is not a substance to be taken lightly. It’s a very powerful chemical ingredient that can artificially make your brain release norepinephrine, neurotransmitter responsible for activating “fight or flight” mechanism, which results in decreased hunger levels.

Is Phentermine for everybody?

No it is not. Phentermine should be used by those patients who are highly obese and can’t lose weight in any other way. Also, Phentermine should be used for maximum of 12 weeks and no more.

Are there any side effects with Phentermine?

Yes, there are many Phentermine side effects. For example: insomnia, hypertension, anxiety, dry mouth, blurred vision, change in libido, confusion, irregular heartbeat, nausea, throwing up, skin rash, fatigue etc.

Phentermine dangers

In 1997, twenty four people who have used Phentermine-based drug Fen-Phen developed serious heart problems. Because of that, Phentermine was put under Schedule IV list of controlled substances in USA.

Do we recommend Phentermine?

Even if you qualify for any Phentermine-based slimming pill, we don’t recommend it to you. The list of possible side effects can give you a clue why we don’t recommend Phentermine. There’s also the fact that this substance is on a list of controlled substances and it really becomes a no-brainer.

What is the best Phentermine alternative?

While Phentermine might be effective, it has terrible side effects. Why would you want to risk your health with drugs like Phentermine? We have worked hard to review many slimming pills (prescription and non-prescription) and we found Phen375 to be great alternative to Phentermine.

Phen375 is fully synthetic fat burner that anyone can get without prescription. Not just that but Phen375 does not have any side effects, while at the same time being very effective at burning fat. It’s certainly one of our top recommended slimming pills.

Read more about Phen375 here

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