Phenphedrine slimming pill review UK

Ever since Ephedra was banned from the market in 2004, manufacturers have been putting huge efforts in order to market their new products that would represent alternatives to the banned Ephedra. Whether it’s the similar ingredients or similarity in the name of supplement, there have been numerous attempts to replace Ephedra.

One supplement that tries to mimic the name of Ephedrine is called Phenphedrine. By looking at the name of this pill you would think that it contains Phentermine and Ephedrine… However, it does not.

How Phenphedrine works

According to Phenphedrine manufacturers, you are overweight because there is a Yin-Yang battle going on inside your brain between CART vs. NPY (good vs. bad part). CART is called the “good guy” and it’s actually your “guardian angel” if you are trying to lose weight. NPY is the villain (bad guy) that you need to inhibit in order to lose weight. NPY is a stress hormone that apparently drives your eating chemicals into overdrive.

Now, whether this is a joke or not, we don’t know… But we know for sure that stories like this are not a good marketing practice. I mean, come on! Do they honestly believe that someone will buy this kind of story?

Phenphedrine ingredients

There are ingredients that can be found in a lot of other supplements on the market: DiCaffeine Malate, HOPS, Razberri-K, Ginger 20% Gingerols, Phenylethylamine, Evodiamine, Sclareolide, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, Yohimbine, Chocamine.

We were not really amazed by the ingredient list. There are some ingredients that were proven on animals but not on humans (Evodiamine, Rasberri-K). Also there is no valid proof that Phenylethylamine can help you with weight loss or suppressing appetite. Caffeine has minimal effect on giving you extra energy, but nothing more than that.

Is Phenphedrine scam?

It probably is. If you manage to lose any weight with this supplement, it won’t be much at all. Then there are some other problems that we see with this supplement:

  • High price tag – Be prepared to pay $69.95 for 1-month supply. This is rather expensive for a diet pill with questionable quality and suspicious marketing tactics.
  • Side effects – On their website they say that you shouldn’t be taking Phenphedrine if you are sensitive to stimulants because some side effects are possible. Those side effects would be related to the stimulant content (jitteriness, anxiety, irritability, insomnia).
  • CART vs. NPY – This whole “Ying Yang battle going on inside your brain” type of story seems so unbelievable and childish.

Our final word on Phenphedrine

It’s very hard to recommend supplement such as Phenphedrine. There are far more credible and more serious manufacturers out there. You are advised to look for alternative weight loss solution.


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