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Oxotrim is a weight loss pill that is sold by Newton-Everett. It states that it contains “patented thermogenic agent that is clinically proven to increase metabolism and promote healthy weight loss”. Apparently Oxotrim can speed up your weight loss process by 200%! Let’s see if it can live up to its claims.

Oxotrim ingredients

7-Keto, Advantra-Z, Green Tea, Metabromine, Serotain

7-Keto is an ingredient that is proven to naturally boost your metabolism. Advantra-Z, Green Tea and Metabromine also help increase your metabolism. Serotain can reduce craving for unhealthy foods.

How is Oxotrim sold?

Oxotrim is sold exclusively in the online world, over the Internet. The Newton-Everett website is nicely designed and you can find information that you need fairly quickly.

How much does Oxotrim cost?

Oxotrim will cost you $49.95, which is the price in a mid-range, if a diet pill is effective.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, you will be covered with 30-days money back guarantee. We find this to be very short money back guarantee, because usually 1 month is not much time for serious weight loss.

Is Oxotrim scam?

Oxotrim has some good ingredients inside that are proven to help with weight loss. However, it is really difficult for us to believe that this diet pill will cause an increase of 200% in burning fat. We don’t think Oxotrim is a complete scam, but we don’t think it’s the best pill, either.

Oxotrim side effects

Very unlikely that it will cause any side effects.

Is Oxotrim recommended?

If you buy this diet pill, you will lose some weight, that’s for sure. But don’t expect big results and don’t expect to achieve sustained weight loss. If you want tried and tested weight loss solutions, than take a look at our top recommendations.


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