MoyoBerry slimming pill review

MoyoBerry is a diet pill that claims it will help you lose as much as 28 pounds in 10 weeks, which is more than double the 1 pound a week that is proposed by medical professionals to be the safest amount of weight to lose.

MoyoBerry also uses celebrity endorsement to sell their product, saying that big names such as Janet Jackson and Jessica Simpson have successfully used their product to lose weight.


There are only a few ingredients in MoyoBerry and most of them are very rarely seen in weight loss product. The one main ingredient is the African mango, a rare African herb that has a study behind it to back up its claims of being able to help with weight loss. The other ingredients used in the diet pill are: gelatine, magnesium, stearalte, rice flour, and stearic acid.

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How does it work?

The website does greatly attribute the African mango as being the magical herb that allows this product to work so effectively. The website also gives evidence of a study that was done in Cameron to back up the manufacturer’s claims but there is no real in-depth explanation of how African mango helps people to lose weight. The company also has many testimonials along with before and after pictures.

Most users on third-party websites who have used MoyoBerry have found that they have not been happy with the results. Many claimed that they went down in waist size but that they did not actually lose weight, while others claimed that they lost weight but gained it back soon after they stopped taking the product.

How Much Does it Cost?

MoyoBerry does seem to be one of the more reasonably priced diet pills on the market. A 3-month supply will cost $111, and the manufacturer will even throw in a fourth bottle for free.

Is MoyoBerry recommended?

Not recommended at all. The ingredients are not known to help you lose weight and we didn’t like some of the statements of manufacturer. On top of this, their website looks like one long sales page.

What is the best alternative?

Take a look at Pure Acai Berry Max, one of our top rated slimming pills. In case you haven’t been living in a cave for the last decade, you have heard all the great things about Acai Berry fruit.

With Pure Acai Berry Max you get a whopping 1,500mg of Acai Berry per serving, which is more than enough to satisfy your daily needs.

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