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Metabofire is an over the counter diet supplement which suppresses the appetite and burns calories all the time, even when sleeping! Or so the advertising blurb goes. Its advertising slogan is “set your metabolism on fire” which suggests that the metabolism is kicked into high gear.

However, advertisers are only telling us things that we want to hear, so it is best to examine the product first to see what the side effects are, if it works and if there is any information on clinical trials that have been carried out.

This product site in particular really makes it difficult to find out about the product and only those who are dedicated will find out all they need to know.


– Bitter orange extract
– Green tea extract
– Korean Ginseng extract
– Guarana
– Garcinia cambogia
– synephrine

This combination of goodies will suppress the appetite while fat is being burned off. However, the bad side is that there are some pretty risky side effects as well.

Metabofire side effects

Although the site itself is a little cagey about side effects, common ones are sleeplessness, overeating once the supplement has worn off and impulse eating. These last two seem to be defying the whole point of taking a supplement!

A red flag

This site offers a ‘free trial’ to ‘set your metabolism on fire’. However, there is no money back guarantee which should be forthcoming if the product does not work. The user will have to give financial details first to receive the 7-day trial, then it is up to the consumer to cancel the order or else they will be charged and sent more automatically.


‘Conning’ clients by giving fake 7-day free trials is not good news. It is better to buy better supplements from straight forward manufacturers rather than being tempted by “an offer” that is really not an offer at all.

Metabofire alternative

Proactol is one of the well-known diet pills on the market. This fat binder can stop about 27% of the fats from the food that you eat and make them indigestible. Those fats will then be eliminated naturally from your body, via bowel movements.

Read more about Proactol here


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