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October 2010: FDA refused to approve Meridia; therefore all consumers are advised to stop taking Meridia and any other Sibutramine-based drug immediately due to very high risks to consumers’ health.

What is Meridia?

Meridia is a weight loss drug that is meant for highly obese people to lose weight combined with a healthy diet and a moderate exercise. It can only be prescribed by your doctor and you’re supposed to take it only under doctor’s constant supervision.

This is not a drug that you use when you want to shed few pounds here and there; rather it is created only for highly obese individuals.

How does Meridia work?

Meridia makes users feel full through artificial way: by affecting pat of the brain that controls your appetite. As a result, users eat less and therefore don’t gain additional weight.

What are Meridia ingredients?

The main ingredient found inside Meridia is called Sibutramine, the ingredient that can be found in Reductil and several other diet pills as well. Sibutramine suppresses appetite but also it increases heart rate and increases blood pressure as well.

Meridia side effects

Keep in mind that Meridia is not a slimming drug that should be taken lightly. It is a very serious weight loss drug that carries high risks with it. The possible side effects with Meridia are: allergic reactions, respiratory problems, fast heart rate, shortness of breath, bleeding from gums and under the skin, suicidal thoughts, psychosis, depression, anorexia, anxiety, seizures, and excessive sweating. In rare cases, users can experience the Serotonin Syndrome, which is sometimes very dangerous. Symptoms include: hallucinations, coma, agitation, nausea, vomiting.

Is Meridia recommended?

Not recommended at all. Even if you qualify for Meridia, be very cautious about this weight loss drug. The fact that FDA didn’t approve it can tell you a lot about how dangerous Meridia can be.

What is the alternative?

Proactol Plus is a very good alternative to Meridia. Proactol Plus diet pill can bind up to 1/4 of your dietary fat intake and stop that fat from being digested by your body. It is totally natural slimming pill, without side effects and you can get it without prescription.

Read more about Proactol Plus here


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