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Lipotrox is said to be an all-natural diet supplement based on the 10 super foods recommended by anti-aging herbalist, Dr. Perricone.

Lipotrox ingredients

Lipotrox is also available in the decaffeinated form that makes it ideal for people with caffeine sensitivity and heart problems. While Hoodia does help suppress appetite, there is no proof on how Lipotrox works as a whole.

Lipotrox dosage

1-3 capsules of Lipotrox should be taken before breakfast or your morning exercise program and another 1-3 capsules at mid-afternoon, with 8 ounces of water. Lipotrox should be used as part of a reduced fat diet and an exercise program for best results.

Lipotrox side effects

The caffeine version of Lipotrox may give some jitteriness while taking it. Moreover, Lipotrox is not recommended for those with wheat or soy allergies. While Lipotrox claims to induce safe and natural weight loss, there is no specific mention of how much weight can be lost. Moreover as none of the ingredients have been independently tested for safety or effectiveness, it is better to try Lipotrox with caution.

Where to buy Lipotrox

Lipotrox is available for $35 per bottle from its website, where you can also get free samples of the diet supplement. However there is no money-back guarantee available with Lipotrox.

Is Lipotrox recommended?

Not recommended at all. This diet pill has all sorts of ingredients present in low doses, which means no noticeable weight loss effect will be achieved. We recommend you to take a look at some of the alternatives.

What are the alternatives?

We spent a lot of time researching the weight loss market where we literally reviewed hundreds of weight loss supplements. We came up with just a few recommendations that are safe and effective for long term weight loss.

See our recommendations here


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