LipoQuick diet pill review

LipoQuick Maximum Burn is yet another diet pill that tries to attract you as a consumer into buying it. The main slogan “You can lose as much as 10 lbs a week with LipoQuick” is pretty unrealistic. In our opinion the most realistic expectation from a diet pill in terms of weekly weight loss rate is 3-4 lbs per week.

LipoQuick ingredients

All the ingredients are divided into several groups or matrixes as they call them:

  • Thermogenic Matrix (235mg) – Combination of Caffeine, Cayenne Pepper, Metabromine and Black pepper extract.
  • Anti-Oxidant Matrix (150mg) – Combo of various anti-oxidant ingredients including: resveratrol, blackberry, blueberry, acai etc.
  • Maximum Fat Burning Matrix (227mg) – Group of so called fat burning compounds with Green Tea being praised as the leading fat burner ingredient here. Mind you, green tea can aid in weight loss, but it hasn’t been proven to actually burn fat.

Also inside LipoQuick there’s Rasberi K included (75mg)

LipoQuick side effects

Judging by the ingredient list, consumers can expect mild side effects related to stimulant content present (Caffeine, Green tea).

Where to buy LipoQuick?

On their official website they sell it for $39.95 for 1 month package. As you go for higher packages they also give you free 3-day detox supplement (oh my).

Final word on LipoQuick

We would definitely avoid LipoQuick. This pill looks no different than majority of diet pills on the market. It looks nice on the outside, but on the inside it hardly works.

LipoQuick alternatives

Phen375 is fully synthetic fat burner with ingredients made in an FDA regulated lab. This pharmacy grade fat burner can offer you weight loss rate of 3-4 lbs/week and it doesn’t cause any negative side effects. Many dieters worldwide already put their trust into this weight loss supplement.

Read more about Phen375 here

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