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The saga of diet pills with ridiculous names continues. Today we have a fat burner called LipoMax Pro. They say that this fat burner was created in labs of the scientific sport research institute and it is mainly targeted towards burning the stomach fat.

LipoMax Pro ingredients

Acai Berry, L-Tyrosine, ChroPicol, Caffeine, Cayenne powder, Green Tea leaf extract, Bitter Orange, Guarana, Siberian Ginseng, Apple Cider vinegar, Bioperine.

Does LipoMax Pro work?

All you can expect is high energy levels due to high stimulant content present. Don’t expect any major weight loss results, though.

LipoMax Pro side effects

Again, because there are so many stimulants in this pill, you can expect all the side effects related to stimulants: anxiety, irritability, fast heart rate, insomnia, jitteriness etc. Not pleasant at all.

Final verdict on LipoMax Pro

Overall – nothing to be excited about. The official website has some pretty exaggerating statements as well as the high price tag of the pill ($94.95). The choice is only yours of course, but when we take into account all the positive and negative things about this pill, we advise you to avoid LipoMax pro.

Best alternative

Phen375 fat burner has come a long way since its launch in 2009. This fat burner is manufactured in an FDA registered lab where the production is constantly observed so that you get safe and top quality product in the end.

Read more about Phen375


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