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Lipofuze is marketed as a fat burner that can help you increase metabolic mechanism in your body, increase fat burning enzymes and also suppress your appetite. To us Lipofuze looks like a typical American fat burner (there are hundreds like this one on the market).

Ingredients inside Lipofuze

Ginger, Green tea, Razberi K, Cayenne, Phenylethylamine, Synephrine HCL, Thermodiamine (Evodiamine 98%), FucoPure (10% Fucoxanthin), Guggul EZ 100, BioPerine, DHEA, Cinnamon 4:1, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone, Forslean.

While it is true that there are some effective ingredients inside Lipofuze, it is unknown how much of each ingredient is present inside the pill. That’s why we have no way of knowing if Lipofuze is effective or not.

Is Lipofuze medically approved?

They state that some of their ingredients are clinically proven; however the diet pill itself is not medically proven.

Lipofuze side effects

It is unlikely that Lipofuze will cause any negative side effects, except those related to stimulants present: jitteriness, anxiety, irritability, headaches etc.

How much is Lipofuze?

Lipofuze is being sold via the official website for $49.95 for 1-month package. They mention a lifelong money back guarantee, which is always good, but we haven’t tested their claims. Also, there is a phone number displayed on their website, so you can contact them by phone or by email.


Overall Lipofuze is not a miracle diet pill and honestly – there’s nothing to be excited about this diet pill. The biggest problem is the number of ingredients put inside a single pill, which only proves that there can’t be enough of those individual ingredients present. We advise you to look for other and more effective alternatives.

Alternative fat burner

Capsiplex – Fat burner that contains red hot pepper extract, which is known to slightly increase your body’s heat production and help you achieve diet-induced thermogenesis. This way you will be able to burn fat, even while at rest.

Capsiplex review


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