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Lean System 7 is an interesting diet pill. The manufacturers specifically claim that this diet pill is not designed to help you lose weight but rather, to help you lose fat and burn through it.

The pill can do that, says the manufacturers, because it focuses only on high-fat areas in the body. Another interesting aspect of Lean System 7 is that it tells you to also practice eating a balanced diet and having a regular exercise routine while taking the pill.

Lean System 7 ingredients

Lean System 7, as the name suggests, contains 7 ingredients. Those are: green tea, yerba mate, citrus aurantium, keto, bioperine, dandelion leaf, and guarana. None of these ingredients have been found to help burn through fat or help people lose weight. While the caffeine in green tea might have an effect, it’s not known how much is contained in the pill; and green tea on its own is generally not enough to help someone lose weight.

Lean System 7 side effects

The side effects that are known to accompany this pill are: rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headaches, shortness of breath, jitteriness, and insomnia.


Lean System 7 doesn’t only come with some pretty unpleasant side effects, but it’s also worth noting the fact that the manufacturer promotes healthy eating and regular exercise while taking this pill. After all, you can probably lose weight just doing that on its own. So how is this diet pill going to help? Definitely look for a better alternative.

Lean System 7 alternatives

Proactol Plus is 100% natural fat binder dietary supplement that works by binding to a part of your fat intake and can stop it from being digested by your body.  That part of your fat intake will then be eliminated naturally through bowel movements.

Read more on Proactol Plus

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