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Ionimine claims it can help you lose weight, suppress your appetite, increase metabolism and increase your energy. There is not a lot of information regarding the ingredients the drug uses to help you lose weight, but it is known that it contains Phentermine.

Phentermine is known to be a very effective ingredient at helping people lose weight, and it’s FDA approved. The only problem with this ingredient is that it’s highly addictive. Because of that, this ingredient in particular is highly controlled and regulated.

How it Works

Users are advised to take the first pill in the morning and then another pill in the middle of the afternoon. Only water is needed to take the drug, and users are strongly warned against taking any pills in the evening. Individuals with small bone structure are also recommended to only take half a dose.

Does it Work?

Ionimine is very effective product at helping people lose weight. Unfortunately, it does seem to be very addictive, and it’s mostly marketed to those who are overly obese, who are also likely to be much more willing to take the chance. It can be very addictive so always keeping your doctor informed about how much you are taking, and for how long, is crucial.

How Much Does Ionimine Cost?

Ionimine is an expensive diet supplement and most health plans don’t cover diet pills. For a 1-month supply of Ionimine it costs $89. The price does get lower if you buy more than 1-month’s supply at a time so buying in bulk may be a good option. Ionimine is also said to come with a manufacturer’s guarantee however, it’s very difficult to find, on their site or anywhere else.

Is Ionimine recommended?

Not recommended at all. Phentermine based pills were shown to cause many side effects and health problems in dieters. You will be better off looking for other and more effective diet pill.

What is the best alternative?

When talking about Phentermine alternatives, our vote goes to Phen375 diet pill, which is non-prescription fat burner diet pill. According to our experience on the weight loss market research, Phen375 is attracting more and more attention from dieters around the world.

And the manufacturers confirmed to us that reorder rates of Phen375 are pretty high. This means that Phen375 works and it is worth taking a closer look at.

Read Phen375 review | Visit Phen375 official website


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