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Hoodia Gordonii plant has virtually taken the diet industry by storm. It is a plant extract that claims to suppress appetite and help users to eat less. Obviously, this then means that weight will start to drop.

The supplement does indeed work but, like other products that hit the market, there will be imposters that try to get in on its popularity without really having too much of the main ingredient in it.

Hoodia Bites is one of the imposter products that was made to get in on the action. The product is not effective and the only thing that is different is that it is a chewable pill that is eaten like chocolate.

What it does

According to the website, whenever a hunger pang strikes, take a chewy, chocolate flavored tablet and with 5 minutes, no more appetite! Genuine products will have around 1,000 mg of Hoodia within it and this makes it effective. Hoodia Bites only has half this amount so it is hard to say that it could work.

Red flags

The website says that the pill is fast acting and long lasting. However, because it says that effects are felt within 5 minutes, the statement is questionable. Those products with higher level of ingredients take around half an hour to 45 minutes so this should give some indication of how effective Hoodia Bites actually is.

The website also takes great pains to warn users of the fakes on the market. However, they have no certification on the site to show that they themselves are a genuine product.

There are much better Hoodia products on the market that actually work so this one should be avoided. Buying a product that cannot back up its claims by showing that it has all the ingredients needed is just a waste of money.

Any better alternatives?

UniqueHoodia has been on the market for several years and so far it has great track of record. By containing real Hoodia Gordonii in powder form (495 mg per pill), and having all the required certifications, Unique Hoodia is definitely the pill to take a closer look at if you’re looking for effective Hoodia supplement.

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