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“Get high school skinny” is the main tagline of Healthe Trim diet pills (aka Healthy Trim).

Manufacturers HealthyLife Sciences claim that their product has been clinically proven and that it is all-natural.

Just like with many other diet pills we have seen, Healthe Trim pill just looks too good to be true.

Healthe Trim ingredients

If we are to believe the official website, inside Healthe Trim there are following ingredients: Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea leaf extract, Resveratrol, Caralluma Fimbriata, Coix Seed, Poria Cocos, Cassia Seed, Lotus Leaf, Water Plantain, Cumquat, Methionine, Mulberry Leaf, Gymnema Sylvestre, Eleutherococus Senticosus, Pyruvate, Trace Minerals.

There are some good ingredients here, and we were particularly interested in Hoodia Gordonii. However we were not able to find any mention of Hoodia Gordonii certification (CITES). All supplements that contain real Hoodia Gordonii in them have CITES certificate that proves the existence of Hoodia Gordonii in pills. Obviously this is not the case with Healthe Trim.

Beware of free trials!

Just in case you don’t read Terms & Conditions on their website (who ever reads that?), we did the hard work for you. Here’s what they say about their 14-day trial period:

“Consumers who purchase Healthe’Trim will automatically be enrolled in a 14-Day free trial.  As a subscriber, consumers will receive coupons and special offers for discounts on HealthyLife Sciences products. After the 14-Day free trial, consumers will be charged $79.95 for Healthe’Trim on the same credit card used for the previous purchase.  Subscribers will continue to be billed monthly at the discounted rate of $54.95.  The charge will show up on credit card statements with the name HealthyLife Sciences, LLC.”

So basically it’s just another free trial program. They don’t tell you upfront what they really want to do; rather they hide that in their TOS hoping that no one will read it.

Is Healthe Trim scam?

Most probably is. We have seen too many diet pills that try to pull you in their “free trial” program only to find out later that you were put on the auto ship list.

Is Healthe Slim recommended?

Not recommended at all. There are far better and more respectable diet pills out there. You are advised to look for better alternative.

Healthe Trim alternative

Proactol Plus is one of the most respectable diet pills in our opinion. This fat binder is able to bind up to 28% of your fat intake and stop it from being absorbed by your body. This way people who regularly eat high fat meals can continue eating those meals and still lose some weight.

Read more about Proactol here


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