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Recently there has been a huge increase in people being interested in Goji berries as weight loss supplement. There are rumours about this fruit that it contains many health benefits among which is weight loss. But is it really true?

What is Goji Berry?

Also known as wolfberries, Goji Berries come from Tibetan region, Mongolia and China. They are red like cranberries. It has been said that Goji Berries contain more vitamin C than oranges, more iron than steak and more beta carotene than carrots.

Buy Goji Berry 60 capsules £12.95

Goji berries side effects

Although they are thought to be beneficial to person’s health, eating too many Goji berries can easily result in nausea or dizziness. A lot of people will think that in order to maximize the health benefits they should eat as many berries as possible. That’s wrong.

Goji Berries interaction with other drugs

So far there have been some medicines that are known to have counter effects when taken with Goji Berries. Particularly blood pressure and diabetes medications are known to have bad reactions when taken with Goji berries (decreased blood pressure, dizziness, fainting). But the most dangerous is the interaction with medication Warfarin (which thins the blood). Serious bleeding is possible when you combine Warfarin with Goji berries.

Do Goji Berries work?

We don’t think so. If any Super foods give you symptoms and side effects such as those given by Goji Berry, it would be logical to question the effectiveness of those Super foods. On top of this there’s a high price tag of Goji Berries and even less people will want to try them.

Is Goji Berry effective for weight loss?

This is not a weight loss product. It’s a classic example of how companies try to market a regular fruit as being beneficial to different aspects of health and even weight loss. It’s a myth that Goji berry will help you with weight loss. All you can expect are essential nutrients and vitamins that Goji berry contains. It won’t help you suppress your appetite and it won’t help you shed any pounds.

Is Goji Berry recommended?

Definitely not recommended for weight loss. If you’re looking for fruit that contains real weight loss properties, then Acai Berry is the way to go.

Our top recommended Acai product is Pure Acai Berry Max (doesn’t have free trial option!)

Read more about Pure Acai Berry Max here


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