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FullFast is one of the latest additions to the UK weight loss market. This product might be especially interesting to people who don’t like taking pills because it only involves pumping 3 sprays into your mouth, 5 times a day.

How does FullFast work?

When you pump FullFast spray into your mouth, the active ingredients are delivered directly to your bloodstream, avoiding stomach that way.

Once it reaches the bloodstream, it very quickly comes to your brain, where the main ingredient 5-HTP increases levels of Serotonin in your brain.

There are few studies that suggest that hunger pangs and overeating are related to low levels of Serotonin, neurotransmitter that regulates several bodily functions, one of which is feeling of fullness (satiety).

So once you increase your levels of Serotonin, your appetite comes back to normal. In essence, this spray makes you feel full faster.

Visit FullFast official site

FullFast ingredients

How fast does FullFast work?

First visible result can be notices after just 5 days of usage.

How to use FullFast?

Pump out 3 sprays in your mouth, 5 times during the day. Do this 30 minutes before or after a meal. Manufacturers suggest that you can use FullFast for 2 months then stop for 1 month.

Where to purchase FullFast?

At the moment this spray is available only from their official website and nowhere else. FullFast is currently not sold in popular stores such as Tesco, Boots, Holland & Barrett etc. Online price for this product is £23.95 per bottle.

Buy FullFast now from official website

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