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Burn as many calories as 35-minute run!

On December 27th an article appeared in The Daily Mail about the latest diet pill Nuratrim. Apparently over 50,000 advanced orders were made prior to its release in the UK.

If we’re to believe what the article says, big celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Mariah Carey are all using Nuratrim to shed unwanted pounds.

Read the article here

What is Nuratrim?

Diet pill that is set to become one of the top sellers in 2012 for sure.

This 4-in-1 weight loss system targets 2 most common causes of weight gain: consuming too many calories and not enough physical activity. And it does this by utilizing some of the most effective ingredients today: Capsicum, Liqorice, Green Coffee and Glucomannan.

Nuratrim scientific study

In a group of 65 individuals who took Nuratrim over period of 8 weeks it was shown that Nuratrim increased speed of metabolism by 35%, burned 20% of fat and decreased their appetites by 78%. Additionally Nuratrim helped 90% of the individuals lose on average 14 lbs without any changed to their diets or physical activity.

How to buy Nuratrim

One month supply of Nuratrim costs £34.95 and it can be purchased from official website only.

At the moment this diet pill is not available in the usual high street stores like Tesco, Boots etc.

Currently there is big PR attention for Nuratrim in the UK, which means that their stocks could run out very soon. That’s why it is advisable to buy your Nuratrim supply as soon as possible.

Buy Nuratrim today


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