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Recently Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead has been tweeting on her Twitter page that she has gone on a diet program – one that will cost her about £150 per day.

Apparently she gathered several nutritionists, fitness trainers and sport coaches just so that she could lose some weight.

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Daily Mail Nuratrim

Burn as many calories as 35-minute run!

On December 27th an article appeared in The Daily Mail about the latest diet pill Nuratrim. Apparently over 50,000 advanced orders were made prior to its release in the UK.

Category Categories: Weight loss info

Buy slimming pills UK

So many weight loss products, so many retailers, so many websites… Where do you go, whom do you trust?

After years of researching and observing the weight loss market, we came up with several most important tips when it comes to choosing the right diet pill.

Category Categories: Weight loss info

Where to buy Proactol in UK?

One of the most respected diet pill brands at the moment is certainly Proactol Plus.

Recently acquired by Advanced Health (creators of Capsiplex and Meratol), Proactol is for sure diet pill that will be #1 choice for many dieters in future.

Official Proactol site

Category Categories: Weight loss info

Prescription diet pills – do they work?

Prescription weight loss pills are real drugs; they are not dietary supplements. Inside those pills there are synthetic and powerful chemicals that often have direct influence on your nervous system.

The most often found mechanism of action that we can see in prescription diet pills is appetite suppression: one chemical artificially influences your nervous system so that your brain thinks you are not hungry (when in fact you are).

Category Categories: Weight loss info

Zantrex 3 Snooki

Popular star of the American reality TV show “Jersey Shore”, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has recently revealed that the secret to her good looks was fat burner Zantrex 3.

“Glad to hear reports that say I look good =) but it’s not because of HCG! Thanks @Zantrex!”

Category Categories: Weight loss info

Lauren Goodger Meratol diet pills success story

Lauren Goodger, star of the UK’s “The Only Way Is Essex” TV show, lately in a video interview stated that Meratol definitely worked for her.

She mentioned how she had tried various diets since the age of 17 and none of those could help her.

Category Categories: Weight loss info

Meratol appeared in the Daily Express

“The pill that keeps the stars slim”

On 27 December 2010 The Daily Express featured the all-new Meratol diet pill. According to the article, over 100,000 Meratol units were sold in US since its launch in October, and about 30,000 advanced orders were made in UK.

Category Categories: Weight loss info

Can you find Capsiplex in stores?

Capsiplex is a new weight loss supplement on the market that goes beyond its competition by burning more calories than any other supplement you may find on the market today.

Many celebrities are backing this product and you will find its advertisements in a range of magazines and other media.

Category Categories: Weight loss info

How can you lose weight with Acai Berry

Where does Acai come from?

Acai Berry is mainly grown in the Brazilian rainforest and has been used for years by the local population for its well-known healing properties.

However, the outside world didn’t take notice of the Acai Berry and its effects on weight loss until Dr. Nicolas Perricone appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Category Categories: Weight loss info

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