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What is Capsiplex?

It has been well documented for centuries that chili peppers can help you with weight loss. Studies have been done to prove that humans and animals taking hot peppers or various types of capsicum have great weight loss benefits.

Capsicum contains capsaicinoids, a group of compounds that cause the intense heat you feel when eating chili peppers. These compounds help to stimulate the oxidation of carbohydrates and oxidize fat. Other benefits of these compounds include a powerful antioxidant that can reduce caloric intake.

Manufacturers have come up with Capsiplex, a revolutionary new weight loss capsule that include a spicy capsicum extract to produce a highly effective fat burner. Capsiplex helps to increase your metabolism, reduce your body mass, decrease your appetite, burn calories and melt away body fat.

Buy Capsiplex £29.99 direct

Capsiplex ingredients

Capsiplex is 100% natural with no added artificial ingredients. The only other ingredients in the product include capsicum fruit extract, caffeine anhydrous, black pepper extract and Niacin. You can expect to burn an average of 278 calories. However, the total amount of weight you lose will depend on your starting weight. If you need to lose over 14 pounds, you should lose 4 pounds the first week and then 1 to 2 pounds a week later.

In order to truly gain all the benefits of chili peppers you want to consume about 10 grams of chili peppers a day for several weeks. In order to get the most benefits you want to eat the most concentrated forms of chili peppers. Most people know that capsicum is very hot and potent; therefore it would be very harsh on the delicate stomach lining and an unpleasant way to lose weight.

Even airborne, capsicum extract can cause discomfort when inhaled or when it makes contact with the skin. There have been many attempts to overcome these problems, but most haven’t had success. Capsiplex has been uniquely designed to overcome these issues. The maximum strength of capsicum is enclosed into a special patented outer coating.

This means that Capsiplex will break down completely in the intestine without upsetting the pH balance in the intestine so there is no irritation or discomfort to those who eat many spicy foods. This means you can get the beneficial amount of capsicum without any of the discomforting side effects.

How to take Capsiplex?

You only need to take 1 Capsiplex a day for optimum results. You should take the pill about 30 to 60 minutes before exercising, along with a glass of water. There are 30 capsules in a one month supply.

Where to buy Capsiplex?

You can only get this product online and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else.

Capsiplex official website


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