Best fat burner slimming pills

Which fat burners are the most effective?

Fat burners (they are also called thermogenics) are special kind of weight loss supplements: they cause you to lose weight by slightly increasing your body’s temperature, making you burn more calories that way.

Fat burners have always attracted a lot of dieters, especially after the famous Ephedra drug was banned from the market. This happened because Ephedra brought more bad than good things to dieters. It also caused some rather worrying side effects and FDA decided to remove it from the market.

We have researched the fat burners market and found so many supplements that were either ineffective or dangerous (in terms of side effects). Therefore we can only recommend the following fat burners to you with confidence:


Synthetic fat burner made in an FDA registered lab. Phen375 is a great alternative to Phentermine drug, but without any side effects. The effectiveness of Phen375 is proven by numerous re-orders of the supplement (we got this info from manufacturers).

Consumers can expect weight loss of 3-5lbs per week using Phen375. As for the ingredients, Phen375 uses a combination of AMP enzyme boosters – totally synthetic, but free from any side effects. As a matter off act, Phen375 is one of rare diet pills with totally synthetic ingredients that we recommend to you.

  • Average weight loss: 3-5lbs per week
  • Side effects: None
  • Ingredients: AMP enzyme boosters
  • Money back guarantee: 45 days
  • Price: From $69.95 (around £44)

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Red hot peppers (Capsicum) have been used in cooking for 500 years. It is also a well-known fact that they slightly raise body’s heat production, which can lead to fat burning. This is the so called “diet-induced thermogenesis”.

So by consuming red hot peppers you can lose weight. But in order for that to happen you need to eat 10 grams of red hot peppers every single day for a period of time. Red peppers are known to cause oral and gastric irritation in many people, that’s why consuming them in pure form is not recommended.

Capsiplex contains red chili pepper extract (Capsicum extract) in a form that will not cause any irritation inside your stomach, yet it is beneficial to thermogenesis process. So in essence Capsiplex brings you fat burning properties of red hot peppers in a safe and side effects free form.

  • Average weight loss: Up to 4lbs per week
  • Side effects: None
  • Ingredients: Capsicum extract, Caffeine, Niacin, Bioperine
  • Money back guarantee: 7 days
  • Price: From £29.99

Our Capsiplex review | Visit Capsiplex website

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