Avesil UK diet pill review

We see Avesil diet pill on several sites rated as their #1 product. However, the moment we visit official Avesil website, our imaginary scam alert flag pops up immediately. Why do we say this? Well, first of all this is a free trial offer. Things get suspicious right there. But let’s see more deeply if Avesil is legitimate diet pill or not.

Avesil ingredients

ChromeMate, Ashwaghanda extract, Green Tea extract (decaffeinated) and Caffeine.

Manufacturers say that their ingredients are unique and patented. Well, they are not unique and they are not patented. Lots of other diet pills use these ingredients.

How does Avesil work?

The official claim is that Avesil can help you release stored fat and increase the speed of your metabolism.

Free trial scam alert!

As you can see from the official Avesil website, the way to buy this diet pill is that you should first apply for their “free trial offer”, paying only for shipping and handling. But of course you have to leave them your credit card number. And why is this? We suggest you to read their “Terms & Conditions” page. If after 14 days of applying for the free trial you don’t cancel your subscription, you will be automatically billed $89.95 each month and you will be sent new bottles of Avesil, whether you want that or not.

Side effects of Avesil

Since there is Caffeine present, consumers can expect some side effects related to stimulants (irritability, anxiety, fast heart rate etc).

Is Avesil recommended?

Not recommended at all. We will never recommend free trial offer to you. Diet pills like Avesil just try to get your hard earned money. Honestly, this is the worst practice in today’s weight loss industry. Avoid Avesil by all means and find the alternative diet pill.

Avesil alternative

Proactol Plus is surely a diet pill that doesn’t have free trial offer. This diet pill can bind up to 28% of your dietary fat intake and it can safely stop it from being digested by your body.

Unlike Avesil, Proactol doesn’t’ try to pull you in free trial scheme and doesn’t try to hide anything from you. Their professionally designed website has answers to all the questions you might have. What’s more important Proactol doesn’t have any side effects and comes with herbal ingredients.

Proactol review

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