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Avatrim diet pill is a diet supplement that claims it will help you lose weight; although just how it will do this it doesn’t say. Avatrim also says that it uses a “revolutionary formula” of natural ingredients in order to create the product.

Natural these ingredients are, but revolutionary, especially for the world of weight loss, they are not. Avatrim also says that their product has been “clinically tested,” although none of these clinical studies can be found on the site.

What may be even concerning, is the fact that the “official” website for Avatrim redirects you to another diet pill site altogether.

Avatrim ingredients

The ingredients included in Avatrim are all-natural, but they will not help you lose weight. The included ingredients are: green tea, biotene, l-carnitine, and pipe nigrum. The only ingredient listed that might help someone lose weight is green tea; and Avatrim still doesn’t have a proper dosage of this one effective ingredient to make it useful.

Avatrim side effects

Some users may find that they have increased jitteriness or trouble sleeping while they are taking Avatrim, due to the caffeine from the green tea. However, most users have not experienced this (as there’s not enough included for side effects) and in fact, don’t experience many harmful side effects at all while taking the pill.

Avatrim website

If you go to, you will be automatically redirected to a website about Hoodia Gordonii Plus. This only makes us assume that Avatrim might be discontinued from the market.


Although Avatrim doesn’t come with many harmful side effects, it doesn’t contain any ingredients that will actually help you lose weight. And while it may not seem harmful, it is a great waste of money, and possibly even your health, for something that’s not going to give you desired results.

Avatrim alternatives

Proactol represents great alternative to Avatrim. By its classification, Proactol is fat binder, able to stop up to 28% of your dietary fat intake. This way part of your fat intake will not be absorbed by your body. Great way to lose some weight while you’re still eating high fat meals!

Read more about Proactol here


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