Appesat slimming pill review

One of the most popular appetite suppressants that appeared on the UK weight loss market is Appesat. Since it appeared on the market is received a lot of attention from the media and dieters as well.

Appesat is particularly attractive to people who have large appetites, and those who are unable to control their appetite and portion size.

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How Appesat works

Appesat works by stimulating hunger sensors in your stomach wall, sending signals to your brain, telling it that you are full and don’t need to eat more food.

Appesat stays in your stomach before, during and after food is digested so this “being full” felling is prolonged, meaning that you will fell full for longer period of time. According to many doctors, the feeling of fullness is important ingredient for any weight reducing program.

What is the main ingredient in Appesat?

Bioginate Complex – fibre complex derived from seaweed Laminaria Digitata, unique species of seaweed harvested from the Atlantic French coastline.

How Appesat helps you lose weight?

  • Helps you control appetite – People taking Appesat have reported feeling up to 4 times more satisfied with food eaten, compared to those not taking Appesat.
  • Helps with losing weight – It’s only logical to think that by suppressing appetite you will lose weight in the long run. Clinical trials have confirmed that people who took Appesat alongside with calorie controlled diet lost on average up to 9.3 kg in 12 weeks, compared to those who followed the diet program alone (without taking the supplement).
  • Helps you with portion control – When you feel full, that means that you will want to eat less food, which means you will want your meals to be smaller in size.

Appesat side effects

There are no reported side effects of Appesat that we are aware of.

Is Appesat recommended?

Yes, definitely one of our top recommended appetite suppressants. We’ve seen a lot of success stories, and Appesat is pretty safe in regards to ingredients; there are no nasty chemicals inside. You can buy Appesat on many online retailers, but we found the best deal at Slimming dot com.

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