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When considering taking a course of diet pills, some of the most important questions asked must be whether they are safe or not and what side effects can be expected.

Not all diet pills are created equal, and some are downright dangerous, so it is always wise to check with a physician before commencing the diet plan.

Anoretix is a combination of natural ingredients which claims to burn fat, reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body and stops fat being broken down and stored within the body.

Anoretix ingredients

These pills include Advantra-Z, Tonalin, Super Citrimax, Neopuntia, Forslean and several other secondary ingredients like fiber and fat burners which increase thermogenesis.

How does Anoretix work?

It is obvious from some of the ingredients that this pill not only claims to burn fat, it also increases energy, helps with the absorption of nutrients and increases muscle mass.

Anoretix side effects

This diet pill, or dietary supplement as it is called by the manufacturer, is full of natural herbal additives. However, this does not mean that people will not be affected by certain ingredients. For example, chromium nicotinate has been known to cause breathing difficulties, tightness in the chest or a rash etc. Rapid heartbeat is also common for those who are sensitive to caffeine. Some of these can be life threatening so it is vital to seek medical advice before commencing a course of the pill.

Blurred vision and digestive problems have also been mentioned along with feelings of anxiety, sleeplessness and insomnia which may not be serious effects on their own. However, altogether they may cause discomfort which affects normal life.


As with all dietary supplements that claim to help candidates lose weight – even those that are available over the counter – some of the side effects are too risky for most of us. It is always necessary to take medical advice before commencing any weight loss regime even if it is merely turning to a healthy diet plan with moderate exercise.

Side effects of Anoretix is what worries us the most; therefore we advise you to avoid Anoretix and look for better alternative.

Anoretix alternatives

Proactol Plus – Fat binder that has shown great track of record. Upon seeing many satisfied customers and being in contact with Proactol manufacturers on an ongoing basis, we can proudly say that Proactol Plus is one of the top rated diet pills of today. Proactol can stop up to 27% of the fat from your diet and remove it from your body via waste removal process.

Read more about Proactol

Meratol – 4-in1 weight loss system that shook the weight loss market when it appeared at the end of 2010. Often called “the pill that keep the stars slim”. Meratol is believed to provide you with 4 different benefits using 4 different weight loss ingredients.

Read more about Meratol


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