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What is Alli?

Alli is the first over the counter diet pill that is approved by FDA. However, don’t let the FDA approval fool you – Alli is far from being the perfect diet pill.

Alli ingredients

The main ingredient inside Alli is called Orlistat, which works by preventing part of your fat intake from being absorbed by your body. Those undigested fats will then be eliminated naturally from your body. Orlistat is also included in Xenical, which is the prescription version of Alli.

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Side effects

Despite having been approved by FDA, there are still certain risks and side effects with Alli. And mind you, there are some rather unpleasant side effects reported, for example: gas with oily discharge, frequent bowel movements, stools that are hard to control, loose stools.

Is Alli effective?

It can be effective, but it is unclear whether your weight loss will be contributed to Alli or your lowered fat intake, because when you take Alli they advise you to limit your fat intake to 15 grams per meal. Well, if you are going to do that, then why not forget about Alli and watch your fat intake only? You will lose weight in both cases. So if you’re thinking about taking Alli, don’t forget that you will have to follow their special diet program.

Where can you buy Alli?

Pretty much anywhere – both online and offline.

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Alli won’t make you lose much weight. The fact that Alli is FDA approved is not amazing because people have reported above mentioned unpleasant side effects. So instead of taking Alli, consumers are advised to look for other, more effective and side effects free solution.

What’s the best alternative to Alli?

Proactol has the same mechanism of action as Alli, but Proactol won’t give you any negative side effects. Backed by 5 clinical studies and numerous positive success stories, you should certainly take a closer look into Proactol.

Read more about Proactol here


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