Adipozin slimming pills review

What is Adipozin?

Adipozin is marketed as thermogenic fat burner that apparently can give you “579% more weight loss than the leading diet pill”. And which one is a leading diet pill? They don’t mention.

How Adipozin works

Thermogenic fat burners (thermogenics) work by raising your body’s temperature so that you start burning calories more effectively. When thermogenesis is achieved, your body starts using more energy in order to support metabolic increase. As a result, fat cells are burnt and used up more quickly.

Adipozin ingredients

Green Tea, Guarana (22% caffeine), Chromax, Yerba Mate (10% caffeine), Damiana, Glucomannan, Pomegranate + FucoPure (Fucoxanthin), Super CitriMax Clinical Strength, 20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone (Ecdysterone), ForsLean.

This is where we see the main problem with Adipozin, and that is the so called “proprietary blend” of ingredients. There are 10 ingredients inside Adipozin and they are all put into a single 800 mg pill. There is simply not enough of each ingredient inside those 800 mg total of ingredients. So, even that there are some effective ingredients inside Adipozin, it becomes irrelevant because those ingredients are not present in high enough doses. So the pill is pretty much useless.

Are there any side effects with Adipozin?

Consumers can expect minor side effects with Adipozin due to the high caffeine content present (Green Tea, Guarana etc.).

How much is Adipozin?

1-month supply will cost you $59.99. With bigger orders you will also get a supplement called “72 Hour Diet Pill” that can help you lose 12 lbs in 72 hours. Pretty useless, if you want our opinion.

Is Adipozin recommended?

Definitely give this one a pass. The story behind Adipozin is questionable, the price is too high, and the ingredients are not present in high enough doses. Really, Adipozin looks no different than majority of diet pills on the market (that don’t work).

Alternative fat burners

Phen375 – Top recommended synthetic fat burner. Phen375 is great alternative to the all famous Phentermine drug, only that you can buy Phen375 online and without prescription. Since it appeared on the market in 2009, we have closely watched this supplement and sales have been growing steadily over time, with lots of re-orders.

Phen375 review

Capsiplex – Contains red hot pepper extract, which is known to slightly raise body’s temperature and help you achieve diet induced thermogenesis, a process in which your body starts burning more calories, even while at rest. With big media campaign all over UK, this was one of the UK’s most popular diet pills in 2010.

Capsiplex review

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