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Accomplix comes with a tagline “new approach to weight loss”. We were wondering: if this is really true, then how can a few ingredients taken from competing brands be classified as something completely new?

The official website says: “The difference between dreaming and achieving is Accomplix”. So is this diet pill really worth and does it really work?

Accomplix ingredients

On top of this there are a few vitamins thrown in the mix. By looking at the ingredient list we can’t see any connection with pharmaceutical grade ingredients (as they state).

Does Accomplix work?

Judging by the ingredient list, there is simply not enough of any ingredient in order for this supplement to be beneficial in weight loss. There are certain elements targeted towards suppressing the appetite; then on the other side there are elements targeted towards fat burning.

One ingredient that catches the attention is Hoodia Gordonii. Anyone who knows a bit about this plant knows that you need a certain amount of Hoodia per pill in order for a pill to be effective. By looking at other ingredients present in Accomplix, we can conclude that there’s not enough Hoodia Gordonii per pill in Accomplix. Therefore it is impossible to have the benefits that Hoodia Gordonii provides.

Accomplix side effects

It is unlikely that it will give you any negative side effects, but don’t expect any positive effects either.

Is Accomplix recommended?

Not recommended at all. There’s nothing new and nothing revolutionary about this diet pill.

What are the alternatives?

When speaking about effective weight loss products, our vote goes to Pure Acai Berry Max – it contains a whopping 1,500mg of Acai Berry per serving.

Read more about Pure Acai Berry Max


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