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Accelis manufacturers claim that their supplement helps you lose weight by converting glucose into muscles, instead of storing it in cells. Supposedly this diet pill will help you lose weight without the use of stimulants and using only natural ingredients.

Manufacturers also say that Accelis will help you lose over 10 pounds in 20 days. Even if that is possible, do you think it is healthy? We hope not.

Accelis ingredients

The main ingredient in the Accelis formula is called Lagerstroemia speciosa. It contains 3% corosolic acid, which is supposedly the main ingredient that will convert glucose into muscles instead of fat. Corosolic acid was proven to help with weight loss, but with such a small percentage present inside Accelis, it probably won’t have much effect.

Other ingredients that can be found inside Accelis are: caffeine-free green tea extract, white tea extract, oolong tea extract, chamomile extract, passionflower extract, soy phospholipids. All of these herbal ingredients are present in small doses, which can’t do anything for your weight loss.

Accelis side effects

Other than not being helpful in losing weight, Accelis has been reported to cause some other unpleasant side effects such as: nausea, vomiting, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, drowsiness, dizziness etc.

Accelis medical research

Another reason to be careful with this supplement is that there aren’t any clinical studies on their website which would prove that this diet pill really works. All we could find was one reference to studies that have been done on the main ingredient, corosolic acid, but the details of this study are unknown (when was it done, who did it, location etc).

Accelis testimonials

Here’s what we found out 1 unhappy customer says about them:

“DON’T BELIEVE FREE SHIPPING!!! After ordering a product touted as having free shipping and after I clicked on submit order, I noticed a charge for “shipping materials”. NOT FREE SHIPPING IN MY BOOK! Rip off artists! I could have purchased this product many other places and would have if I’d known they were going to pull this stunt!”

Do we recommend Accelis?

Absolutely not. Although this diet pill might sound as effective, there’s no conclusive research on any of the ingredient in this diet pill is effective with weight loss (except corosolic acid). Corosolic acid is present in very small quantity, therefore not effective at all. Avoid this diet pill.

What are the alternatives?

When talking about herbal diet pills with medical approval, Proactol fat binder is one supplement that deserves to be mentioned here.

It has no less than 5 published clinical studies, is classified as Medical Device Type 1 and carries CE health stamp of approval. It was also approved by many doctors and GPs around the world.

Read more about Proactol here


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