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What’s Acai Berry? In case you haven’t heard about Acai Berry (if you have been living in a cave for last 10 years), Acai Berry has been called one of the world’s most nutritional foods ever.

source Native to the Brazilian rain forests, this fruit is packed with powerful good rhetorical analysis essay topics antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fibers, healthy fats and proteins. It has been said that Acai Berry source may slow down the aging process, may help in detoxifying and cleansing your body from harmful toxins and also may help you lose weight.

click The fruit is picked and immediately freeze dried in order to save all the health benefits. If it’s not freeze dried, it quickly loses its benefits.

Why use Acai powder?

how to write a abstract for a research paper A lot of people don’t like taking capsules. So for those who still want to enjoy many health benefits of Acai Berry fruit, there’s Acai Berry in freeze dried powder form. It’s a convenient way of adding Acai berries to your diet; you could add Acai powder to juices, smoothies, shakes or just sprinkle it over desserts.

What is ORAC?

source ORAC stands for see url Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It’s a measurement that shows you the antioxidant value and overall potency and strength of a particular food. Acai Berry, for example, has go to link ORAC value of 161,400 units / 100 gr. This is absolutely the highest value in any fruit today. That’s why it is said that Acai Berry can easily fight against harmful toxins; it greatly increases the levels of antioxidants in blood system.

Any side effects with Acai Berry powder?

computer science dissertation topics No side effects whatsoever.

Where to buy Acai Berry powder?

essay topics for competitive exams There are go several retailers where you can buy Acai Berry powder in UK at the moment. Take a look at the table below for more details about prices, concentrations etc:

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